How can you ensure that your product is able to withstand the expected conditions of use in its operating environment? Thanks to our expertise and instrumentation, we can simulate the harshest environmental conditions to predict the behaviour of your devices in arid, cold, wet and hostile climates.

Our ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory performs the majority of environmental and climate tests in accordance with harmonised standards to comply with European Directives and affix the CE mark to your product.

IP degree of protection
We determine and verify the degree of protection of your product against the ingress of solids or liquids.

Resistance to impact (IK degree of protection)
We determine and verify the degree of resistance to impact of your product.

Simulation of solar radiation
We simulate solar radiation to determine the resistance to temperature and material degradation of your devices.

Temperature and humidity
We simulate extreme climate conditions to verify the degree of reliability and resistance in your device’s environment.

Vibrations and shock
We simulate the behaviour of your device under the most critical vibration conditions.