Test’ing is an Accredia accredited testing and measurement laboratory and a CBTL (Certification Body Testing Laboratory) which operates in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our specific and highly qualified skills, we operate with ease in the complex world of product conformity, in Italy and worldwide.

In our laboratories, we offer customers access to our experience, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to verify that their products meet all rigorous performance and safety standards.

The reliability of our test results is also guaranteed by the continuous training of our technicians, who respond promptly to the latest European and international requirements.

Test’ing offers a wide range of services, helping manufacturers to ensure that their products are compliant and safe at all times.

Tests and measurements: our services


To ensure that technological progress protects people and the environment.


To help companies around the world to create safer products.


  • EHigh standards of quality: we offer services with high quality standards; we can effectively assess the conformity of your product at national and international level.
  • Technical expertise: our technicians have excellent technical skills and extensive experience. Our experts are always on hand to listen to and identify your concrete needs.
  • Problem Solving: we provide a clear-cut answer to your technical problem, quickly checking the solutions you have identified to ensure your device is compliant.
  • Timing: thanks to our agility and experience in the complex world of compliance, we save you time, thus reducing your time to market.
  • Innovation and flexibility:We use cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the certification of products in total safety. We can offer innovative and customised test solutions.