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Profile and mission

Test’ing is a laboratory that runs tests for the safety certification of electrical and electronic products to be sold on European and extra-European markets.

The laboratory tests and measures electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters according to the key international standards.

Test’ing helps manufacturers and distributors obtain the product certification needed to market products whose quality, performance, health and safety meet the technical standards.

Test’ing has highly qualified personnel who can interact with the customer’s design engineers, thus boosting the efficiency of the entire process for the development of products compliant with regulations.

The professionalism of technical staff and the high-tech testing instruments used enables Test’ing to offer valuable support, helping companies meet the challenges of access to global markets.

Test’ing is located in a strategic geographical position near the Ancona Nord tollgate and is therefore easily accessible by car, plane or train. Its position is also facilitated by the fact that the headquarters of most transport couriers are located near the Test’ing site.

Open Laboratory

The Test’ing laboratory provides the client with a full range of cutting-edge instrumentation with which to perform electrical, mechanical and environmental tests and measurements.
The customer can also independently evaluate compliance of the results with the parameters outlined in the reference standards.
If the tests are passed, the device can be placed on the market.
In this case, Test’ing’s multifaceted services include:

  • preliminary verification to identify the reference standards
  • support of specialized technicians able to run laboratory tests on the devices
  • verification of the documentation required (test report, technical file, user manual)

In case of non-compliance, the device must be re-tested until the results meet the requirements outlined in the standards.
In addition to the services listed above, in this case Test’ing offers:

  • valuable support in the search for possible technical solutions
  • the “open laboratory” method which places the facility and instrumentation at the customer’s disposal
  • customer participation in the test sessions, thus enabling the customer to make a technical contribution and modify the device in real time, optimizing the time required to pass the tests

In all cases, Test’ing’s highly specialized staff can provide support — both at a technical, in the laboratory, and engineering level, in the design and production of the documentation accompanying the product.


How to reach us

By car: Ancona Nord exit off the motorway.
Follow the signs for “Castelferretti”.
At the first roundabout, turn left; at the second roundabout, turn right; at the third roundabout, turn left; at the fourth roundabout, turn right and follow Via del Consorzio to number 41.
We are on the right-hand side of the road.

By train: Ancona station: 15 km; Castelferretti station: 800 m

By plane: Marche airport, Falconara M.ma (AN): 2 km


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